October 27, 2007


Ok, so Mason just started to get his two bottom teeth... When Shea got his first 2 teeth it did not seem to brother him. But, with Mason he can not sleep. I put him down he puts both hands in his month and chews on them the whole time crying. I tried some Tynol and it seemed to work a little but only for about an hour or so. Does anyone have any other ideas of how to help Mason?


Carol said...

Paul Stately says, "Brandy" works the best. Ava seemed to do best with it over the baby gels.

Schlabach Clan said...

The hyland's teething tablets seemed to work and motrin for the boys. A frozen washcloth also helped to gum (and it numbs the teeth). Kai never had a major issue with teething. Cole always thought the world was coming to an end!