October 3, 2007

Big Boy Bed

Last night was Shea's first night in his toddler bed. We had to go to the toddler bed, because yesterday when we put him in his bed for a nap he kept crawling out. I wanted to wait until his 2nd birthday, but I guess Shea had a different idea.
It was a little hard. He wanted to get out of his bed and get out of his room. We put a round door knob on his door so he would have a harder time getting out of his room. He kept getting out of his bed. Then stand in the middle of his room and cry Mama, downstairs, Mama's ni night (meaning he wanted to sleep in my bed)etc. I kept going back to his room picking him up, put him back in his bed, all without talking to him.
Finally, I just told him to get back in bed from outside the door. He eventually stopped crying and put a bunch of his toys in the bed. I looked in the monitor and I did not see him, so I went upstairs to tell him to get in his bed. But, to my surprise he was in the bed with all of the toys piled up on top of him.
Then this morning he started crying at 5 am. We had to do the whole thing over. But, this time I told him that I would stay in the room as long as he kept his head down. He could not keep his head down so I left the room. He cried, but this time not for very long. He then woke up at 7. This time he did not cry he just walked to his door, knocked, and said, "Hello". It was really funny. As I walked to the door to open it, I heard him run back to his bed and get in. When I opened the door he was sitting on his bed and said, "I Mama". I told him he was a good boy for sleeping in this big boy bed, and that he could come out. He climbed out of his bed and ran all over upstairs for about 5 min non stop.
I hope tonight he just goes to bed without any crying. It kills me when he cries. Especially when he switches to saying Daddy when I do not come to his rescue.


Chiara said...

So hard! Keep sticking to your guns, and the battles now will mean no fuss for many months to come. I am DREADING this with Carter. Let me know how it continues to go!

Schlabach Clan said...

Way to go!!! I still won't transition my boys to a toddler bed. Keep us updated with how this goes!