October 27, 2007

My handyman

For those of you out there with kids who love to work with tools. This is the perfect thing to do. Lowes gives kids free aprons, safety goggles and all the tools they will need to make the project. I went with both of the boys all by myself, but I do not recommend this. It was a little hard to help Shea and hold Mason at the same time. One of the dads made this comment to me, "Only a mom could help a 2 year old hammer and hold a nail with one hand and hold a baby in the other." I just laughed. This would be a really fun thing for them to do with Dad. When we were done making our spider they gave us a certificate and a patch to sew on to Shea's apron. It was so fun. If you want to do this the next project is on Nov 10 at 10am. Go to http://www.lowesbuildandgrow.com/ and sign up.

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Schlabach Clan said...

Really...you can do this with a 2 year old? I thought I was told they would have to be older. And he made a spider? yuck! :-)