April 18, 2008

Mason is 10 months

I can not belive that my little man is now 10 months old. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with him. He is doing so much. If you want to see what he did last month check out Shea and Mason's webpage.

April 17, 2008

Have you ever

I was wondering if any other mom's out there have taught their kids something that they wished later that you had not?

A couple of months ago I thought it would be a good idea to have Shea help me cook. So, far it has been going well. He really enjoys helping me out, and I think it has even helped with keeping him away from the stove. We have had discussions about where he can help, where he can not, what is hot, where the fire comes from, and how the fire is what makes things cook. I bet you all are thinking this all sounds great, why am I blogging about it.

Well, this morning we came down stairs and I asked Shea. "What do you want for breakfast?" He said, "Pancakes." I said, " Great. We can make some after I go get Mason and get him started on his breakfast." Well, I went up stairs and I heard some movement down stairs. I did not think anything about it. When I finally got downstairs. Shea had gotten in the cabinet gotten out the Bisquick, oil, a bowl, a fork, and was starting to pour the Bisquick. If I had been about a minute later. I know that there would have been food everywhere. I am so glad that he can not open the frig yet. It was hard not to laugh as I walked in the room and he says," I help make pancakes."

April 6, 2008

All Done

We are in the process of teaching Mason some sign language. I was trying to teach him the sign for all done, but he started to try to say "All Done." Listen to the end of the video really close. He tries to mimic the words and not the sign.