November 20, 2007


I started feeding Mason cereal and baby food this month. I thought that we should start him on food a little earlier then Shea, because he is bigger and he already has 2 teeth. However, I am having trouble getting him to open his mouth. He cries until I put the food on his lips and then he tries to suck the food in. I try to hold the food in front of his mouth until he opens but he just cries. I have tried to push the food in his mouth and sometimes that works. He loves eating the food, he just does not know how to eat it. When I am eating and he wants some of it he will open his mouth as I bring it to my lips, but does not do the same when he eats. Shea had no trouble eating, but he started food when he was 6th months old. Does anyone have any suggestions?

November 7, 2007

Our little roller

He is a roller with a mission. Mason can now roll from his back to his front and his front to he back. If you lay him on the floor on the other side of the room from Shea and I he will keep rolling until he reaches us. Check out the video of him showing his stuff.


The boys and I had a great time on Halloween. For those of you who went to the Compass Harvest Fest you know what I mean. It was awesome!

November 1, 2007

My Little Sluggler

Shea likes to hit balls in the backyard. It looks like he will throw right handed but be a left handed hitter.