March 9, 2008

Time Change

Yuck! Ok so some of you like the time change, but for me, not so much. The morning of the time change always starts out great. Since my boys always get up between 6 and 7am it was really nice for them to get up at 7:20 and 8:05. Then as the day went on I tried to get them on their nap schedule. (Mason 9:30 and 1:30 and Shea at 1.) So, I tried to not be to hasty and change them by an hour so I did it at the half hour instead.
Mason did not do well with the first nap. He cried for the entire half hour difference. He finally fell asleep at 11am. I had to go in and wake him at 12 for lunch. I did not want to let him sleep so that I could maybe get him back on course at the second nap. His second nap I tried to put him in his bed. He was not having it and the crying was making Shea stir, so I brought him in bed with me. Which ended up being great- we slept for 2 hours.
Shea went to sleep with little problem. I put him to bed at 1 and he slept until 5. My mistake. I should not allowed him to sleep so long, because now that we are trying to go to bed he will not.
Mason and Shea both did not want to go to sleep. They were both crying and and Shea kept getting out of bed and turning on his light. They both gave me grief until 9:15. I can not wait until tomorrow so we can do it all again. ;0)