September 27, 2010

Baby is Born

On Monday September 27, Scott and I went to the baby doctor for a routine visit to check on the baby. While we were there I told the doc that he seemed to not kick and then kick really hard. He then said let's monitor the baby for a while. So we did, and he had a decelerated heart rate. He sent me straight to the hospital. While I was in the hospital it happened two more times. So he decided that I should deliver that day. They tried to induce me but the bay would not tolerate the contractions. That is when we decided to go ahead and have a c section. When they pulled him out he was blue. So they took him away and started to give him oxygen. Soon I heard the sweat sounds of crying.As they sewed me up then passed Scott our new baby boy. It was one of the happiest moments in my life.

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