January 6, 2008

God has a sense of humor

Well, I knew that God had a humor but COME ON.
Last night was the first night that Mason slept through the night. I fed him at 10pm and then he did not wake up until 5:45am. Hurray for that! But, then the rain woke me up around 2pm, Shea was crying at 4am, and Scott had to get up for work at 5am . So needless to say I did not sleep through the night. And now tonight Mason went to sleep without eating. For some reason he did not want to eat. I even woke him up at 9 and he did not want to have anything to do with me. I will try at 10 and then it will all be up to God.

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RebeccaMillsap said...

I laugh every time I see the title to this blog :) 6:00am is really early to me! Our day started at 5:40 this morning!!! I didn't let Abby go down for her nap either till normal time. Maybe tomorrow she'll stay in bed! ;)